If your pregnancy test at Bella shows a positive result, you may qualify for a free Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound that will be performed by a certified nurse sonographer at Bella.  Bella’s nurses work under the direction of a medical physician.


Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound generally provides the following information:

Confirmation of an intrauterine pregnancy

Determination of a viable pregnancy

Determination of a heartbeat

Determination of gestational age

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound will not tell you if there are fetal anomalies or the sex of the baby.

Ultrasounds performed at Bella are not to take the place of the ones that you may receive from the obstetrician, medical physician, or midwife you choose for your prenatal care.  Bella does not provide pre-natal medical care and none of the services offered at Bella are substitutions for pre-natal medical care.

As a pregnancy resource center Bella is a good place to start, if you think you may be pregnant. Contact Bella today for a free pregnancy test.